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  1. Survey announcment orthopox (OPXV)

    RfB offers a wide spectrum of surveys for External Quality Assurance of medical laboratory examinations. Accordingly, the focus is also on current and sometimes dynamic developments. In this context, we would like to inform you about a new survey in the field of orthopox viruses (OPXV). Beyond the monkeypox virus (MPXV), which is the most prominent in the current infection process, this group of viruses also includes pathogens such as cowpox virus (CPXV). The aim of the survey which is offered as a pilot initially is to provide participating laboratories with samples from the field of orthopox viruses.

    Concerning the various ranges of diagnostics offered by different laboratories and the different application of our participants, the survey will comprise several levels. In the first step, participants can examine the samples for orthopox in general. In addition, a part of the survey covers monkeypox diagnostics related to this special and current representative of orthopox. Finally, species of various orthopox viruses can be differentiated in addition to MPXV.

    Participation in this pilot survey is free of charge for registered participants. Only costs occurring by sending the samples to participants outside of Germany will be charged. You can register via your user account until September 29th, 2022. The survey period is two weeks and is scheduled for October 24th until November 05th, 2022.

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